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  • Toque Magico Emergencia Split Ends and Moisturizing Coconut Leave in Conditioner


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    For super-shiny and manageable hair on the go, Emergencia’s Split Ends and Moisturising Coconut Leave-in Conditioner will soon become your handbag favourite.

    Designed for use after washing and fortified with organic coconut oil and ceramides to prevent breakage and split ends, this frizz-eliminating leave-in conditioner can also be used to give your hair a hit of nourishing protection before styling.

    For a quick, one-minute emergency solution for dry, tangled hair, add this coconut leave-in conditioner to your daily routine and enjoy soft-to-the-touch hair with a natural shine.

    Just spray along the hair shaft at a distance of three inches, comb through to the ends and you’re good to go: with a tropical-smelling mane, to boot!

    Ingredients in Toque Magico Split Ends and Moisturising Coconut Leave-in Conditioner: Deionized water, Cyclometicone, Dimeticonol, Phenylthrimethicone, Centrominium chloride, Palmitol mystril serinate, Peg-8 copolymer, Ceramide, Coconut oil, olive oil, colour, PPG-3 Benzyl Esther Ethylhexanoate, Polyquartenum 70, Dipropylene glycol, Fragrance


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