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  • Silicon Mix Relaxer – Super 16oz (450ml)


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    Silicon Mix Hair Relaxer is a replenishing relaxer for straightening hair.  Using this will give locks an unbeatable boost, leaving them soft, supple, shiny and straight.  The silicon coating replenishes lost moisture and gives each strand a glossy finish; the results are healthy and vibrant hair full of bounce and body. We also stock the Silicon Mix Regular hair relaxer.

    Features of the Silicon Mix Hair Relaxer

    It protects the internal structure of each hair strand and replenishes the hair’s natural oils.
    It conditions, hydrates and gives shine.
    It contains keratin to strengthen the hair during and after the relaxing process and silicones to seal in moisture. The keratin and silicones protect the hair and prevent breakage.


    Apply a base cream to the hair line and nape. Divide the hair into four or more sections. Begin applying the hair relaxer from the nape to the hair line. Avoid touching the scalp. If hair has been previously relaxed, only apply it to the new growth only. Do not exceed the recommended time.

    Timing guide for Silicon Mix Hair Relaxer Super:

    Coarse textured hair – 18 – 20 minutes
    Medium textured hair – 15 – 18 minutes

    Crema Alisadora


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